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Eagle Crossing Swim Lessons 0

Posted on May 31, 2013 by mgroup

C&N Pool Management Inc. will be offering swim lessons for Eagle Crossing residents.  The following dates and times are available:


Session 1: June 10-14 (am classes at Tall Grass

                                                  pm classes at Silver Leaf)


Session 2:  June 17-21 (am classes at Silver Leaf

                                                pm classes at Tall Grass)


Session 3: June 24-28  (am classes at Tall Grass

                                                  pm classes at Silver Leaf)


10:30- 11:00am  (Level 1, age 6 and up)                    5:30- 6:00p.m (Level 1, ages 3-5)

11:00-11:30am (Level 2/3, age 6 and up)             6:00- 6:30pm (Level 2/3, ages 3-5)

11:30-12pm (Level 1, ages 3-5)                               6:30- 7:00pm (Level 1, age 6 and up)

12pm-12:30pm (Level 2/3, ages 3-5)                7:00-7:30pm (Level 2/3, age 6 and up)

Cost is $50 per week for five, 30 minute sessions per child.

Class size is limited to 4 children/instructor for age 3-5, and 6 children/instructor for the 6 and up age group.


To sign up or for more information or questions, please call C&N Pool Management at 317-650-3497 or email (please be sure to put Eagle Crossing swim lessons in the subject line)


NOTE:  Dates/times/levels are subject to change due to enrollment numbers.


Placement guide.


Level 1, age 3-5, and 6 and up:  This is for the child that has never had lessons before and is not comfortable in the water.  The child doesn’t want to put their mouth, face, ears, or head in the water (cannot blow bubbles). The child cannot float on their own and needs assistance in the water.


Level 2, age 3-5, and 6 and up: This is for the child that knows how to blow bubbles and is comfortable with putting their mouth, face, ears, or head in the water.  They are comfortable with floating on back (assisted) and are able to move their arms and legs simultaneously while being assisted.


Level 3, age 3-5, and 6 and up: This is for the child that is comfortable going under water, can float on their front side and backside, and can swim a 15 ft. distance unassisted.


Private lessons are also available.  Please contact C&N Pool Management Inc. at 317-650-3497 for dates/times/rates.

Eagle Crossing Pools Opening Saturday May 25th 0

Posted on May 22, 2013 by mgroup

Dear Homeowners,

Well it is that time of year again and the pools are officially opening on May 25, 2013.  Here is some information that you may find helpful for the 2013 pool season.

Pool Hours are 9am to 9pm seven days a week.  Subject to change due to weather.

When you purchased your home you should have been given a pool pass.  If you were not given a pool pass and you need to get a new one there is a charge of $10.  You can send a check or money order for $10 to Eagle Crossing HOA, 509 E. National Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227.  Once the payment is received a new pool pass will be mailed out to you.  The same would apply if your pool pass has been lost.  If you have a card and it is not working, you will still be allowed access to the pool.  You will need to provide your Name, Address, Phone Number, and the numbers on the back of your Pool Pass.  This way we can investigate the reason for your pass not working.   If you have any questions in regards to a pool pass please feel free to contact your Property Manager, Nicole McGinley at 317-207-4281.

We would also like to remind everyone that the HOA has the right to revoke your privileges to the pool for misconduct or violation of the rules and for non-payment of HOA dues.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Property Manager, Nicole McGinley at 317-207-4281 or by email at

Let’s have a fun and safe 2013 pool season.


Eagle Crossing Board of Directors


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