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Notice Regarding the Pools 0

Posted on June 08, 2011 by President

 To ensure water quality, the pools will be cleared of people every hour for 5 minutes.  When it is time to clear the pool, the monitor will notify swimmers by blowing their whistle. When this happens, everyone must exit the water. After the water quality is checked and confirmed, the monitor will again blow their whistle indicating the pool is open for use.
As you all know, we have monitors at both pools from the time the pool opens until it closes. The role of the monitor is to:

  1. monitor the gate;
  2. monitor the sanitary conditions of the pool, pool deck, and bathrooms; and
  3. assist with enforcement of the pool rules.

Please keep in mind that because the monitor’s first priority is to monitor the gate, they may not see a rule being broken.
Therefore, if you witness a rule being broken it is your responsibility as a homeowner to inform that person of the rules. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you may approach the monitor and inform them of the issue. The monitor will then act accordingly.


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    Eagle Crossing HOA is located in Brownsburg, Indiana, located on 56th Street one mile west of Raceway Road. Eagle Crossing consists of two communities totalling 853 homes making it the largest subdivision in Hendricks County! On the north side of 56th Street is the Tallgrass community, while on the south side of 56th Street is Silverleaf. The zip code for both communities is 46234. Residents of Eagle Crossing enjoy over 50 acres of common area, including walking trails, two pools and picnic shelters, five playgrounds, a meditation chapel and a soccer goals and more!



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    Any homeowner witnessing suspicious behavior or something that just doesn’t appear right, call the Hendricks County Sheriff’s non-emergency numbers at 839-8700 or 838-3700 to report the activity.

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