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Pool Rules 0

Posted on May 31, 2011 by President

Need a copy of the 2011 pool rules?  Visit the Community Info/Document and Forms page to download the file.

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Posted on May 24, 2011 by President

Dear Homeowners,

As you know, a portion of your HOA dues pays for off-duty Hendricks County Sheriffs patrolling our neighborhood. These patrols have been very successful in keeping our neighborhood safe. In fact, our crime rate has dramatically decreased making Eagle Crossing’s crime rate one of the lowest in any other community in eastern Hendricks County! Compared to surrounding neighborhoods that have seen an increase, we see little to no crime.
That said, the board remains vigilant in keeping the rate low and with the warm months upon us the off-duty patrols will be increasing. So please don’t be alarmed if you see more patrol cars on our streets than you have in the past months.
Despite the good news, I do have some important information to share.
First, within the past weeks there have been some incidents involving juveniles. According to the sheriff, some of these juveniles are from Indianapolis and may be dangerous. The patrolling sheriffs have seen the juveniles causing problems and, thankfully, have been able to handle the situations. Since the majority of incidents involving unruly youth have occurred at or near the basketball courts a difficult decision was made at this week’s board meeting.
On the recommendation of the sheriff, it was decided to temporarily remove the rims from both Tallgrass and Silverleaf basketball goals. This decision was based on part due to a decrease in unruly behavior in those surrounding neighborhoods that have completely removed their basketball goals. The board believes removing the entire goal is too drastic and is something it cannot decide upon without a vote from the homeowners. So, while the rims are down if the unruly behavior continues, the basketball courts may not be the source of the problem, and the rims will be re-installed. The board will then continue to seek other ways to curtail the behavior. If we find that the removal of the rims result in decreased unruly behavior, the rims will remain uninstalled until further notice.
Second, over the past few months there have been some burglaries of vacant homes. It appears that copper is the thieves’ prime choice. The sheriff has requested for our homeowners to NOT park in the driveways of vacant homes. The sheriffs have been provided with a list of vacant homes and if they see a vehicle in the driveway they will not hesitate to investigate and possibly have the vehicle towed.
This information is not meant to cause panic. I share this with the hope that you become more cognizant of community activity. If you do see groups of juveniles congregating or questionable activity near a vacant home, please do not approach. Please call the sheriff’s non-emergency number at 838-3700. If you see other non-emergency type situations, such as speeding buses or vehicles, frequent loud parties, parking on street/blocking property, etc., please call the sheriff’s non-emergency number at 838-3700. Of course, if you see activity that you consider to be an emergency please call 911.


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    Eagle Crossing HOA is located in Brownsburg, Indiana, located on 56th Street one mile west of Raceway Road. Eagle Crossing consists of two communities totalling 853 homes making it the largest subdivision in Hendricks County! On the north side of 56th Street is the Tallgrass community, while on the south side of 56th Street is Silverleaf. The zip code for both communities is 46234. Residents of Eagle Crossing enjoy over 50 acres of common area, including walking trails, two pools and picnic shelters, five playgrounds, a meditation chapel and a soccer goals and more!



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    Any homeowner witnessing suspicious behavior or something that just doesn’t appear right, call the Hendricks County Sheriff’s non-emergency numbers at 839-8700 or 838-3700 to report the activity.

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