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Welcome to the Eagle Crossing Wiki

The Eagle Crossing Wiki Project is intended to be a knowledge base for members of the Eagle Crossing subdivision in Brownsburg, Indiana. In this wiki, you can find information concerning neighborhood policies and general information about living in one of the best neighborhoods in central Indiana.

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a tool that allows for collaborative knowledge management. The combined efforts of the community that uses the wiki, can contribute information to the wiki to make it more useful for everyone. It simple terms, it means everyone pitches in their 2 cents to make it work.

A wiki also allows for easy searching. The search function for this wiki is in the left navigation pane.

The most famous (or infamous) example of a wiki is Wikipedia. All over the world, individual users have written articles and contributed them to one knowledge base. Anyone with an internet connection can create and edit entries in this massive volume of information.

How You Can Help

Many of our residents are professionals that deal with the internet every day. We need contributers that can create articles or edit existing articles about our neighborhood. To add or edit content you have to be a member of the Homeowners group. To do that you have to get a HOA Forums account, which you can do here and then send an email to secretary@eaglecrossinghoa.com with your login name and your address (to verify you are a homeowner) and you will be added to the appropriate group. This will also allow you to access Homeowner Only content in this wiki.

If you wish there was certain information on our website, this is your opportunity to write it so the next person won't have to look. Maybe you want to know about our neighborhood school or want to know about garbage pick up days. If you know the information, feel free to add it. We'll also add information about how to contact the HOA Board as well as how to properly get Exterior Changes approved.

Working With the Website

Help and How-To

Basic Editing - How to edit within the Wiki

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